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GETTYS Servo Motor Repair - GETTYS Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your GETTYS Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your GETTYS servo motor.
  • Before releasing the GETTYS motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your GETTYS Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported GETTYS Servo Motor Manufacturers

   16-0061-52    16-0062-25
   16-0062-62    16-0063-26
   16-0071-06    16-0071-48
   16-0071-53    16-0072-10
   16-0072-64    16-0093-36
   16-0093-51    16-0143-19
   16-0272-70    16-0273-03
   16-0371-22    16-0372-03
   16-0372-05    16-0372-32
   16-0373-23    16-0374-65
   16-0375-36    16-0375-52
   16-0375-93    16-0376-09
   16-0376-17    16-0386-09
   16-0386-25    16-0457-04
   16-0983-07    16-1093-07
   16-1372-08    16-1373-06
   16-1373-10    16-1383-04
   16-5605-04    M111
   M111-A10K-3G0B    M111-A10K-90AB
   M111-A10K-90AY-AS    M111-A1AK-3B0B
   M112    M112-A10K-900B
   M112-A10K-900C    M113
   M113-A10K-900A    M113-A10K-900B
   M113-A10K-900C    M113-A10K-90AB
   M113-A10K-90AY-BN    M113-A10K-90YB-BZ
   M113-A10K-90YY-C6    M121
   M121-G9BA-900F    M122
   M124    M124-B30A-900F
   M124-B30A-90AF    M124-B3BA-900H
   M124-YY0A-900F-B4    M125
   M126    M126-B30A-900Y-BV
   M131    M131-H60A-900F
   M132    M133-H60A-300K
   M133-H60A-900F    M133-H60A-90AF
   M133-H6C0-300K    M133-H6CA-300K
   M133-H6CA-900F    M133-H6CB-3G0F
   M134    M135
   M135-H60A-300F    M135-H60A-300K
   M135-H60A-900F    M135-H60B-9A0F
   M135-H6CA-300F    M135-H6CA-900F
   M136    M136-H60B-900C
   M136-J60A-90BF    M137
   M137-H60A-90YF-AB    M138
   M138-H60A-900F    M138-H60A-90AF
   M138-H60A-90AK    M138-H60A-9Y0F-BX
   M138-H60Y-900F    M138-Y60A-900K-AA
   M139    M139-H60A-900F
   M139-H60A-90YF-AB    M200
   M201-B20K-9005    M203-B20K-9005
   M204-B2AK-9005    M205-YYOK-9005-MA
   M206-B20K-9005    M206-C20K-9005
   M231    M232
   M232-G50A-900P-AH    M232-H60C-300S
   M232-YYOA-900Y-M5    M233
   M233-G60A-300S    M233-G60A-900M
   M233-G60A-900PAA    M233-G60A-90SM
   M233-H600-900M    M233-H600-90SM
   M233-H60A-300S    M233-H60A-900N
   M233-H60A-900N-AB    M233-H60A-90YY-B7
   M233-Y60B-900N-AF    M233-Y60Y-9Y0N-RX
   M234    M234-H60B-3Y0V-AJ
   M234-J60A-300W    M235
   M235-G60B-900Y-RJ    M235-H50A-Y00Y-D9
   M235-H50A-Y00Y-NP    M235-H60A-300S
   M235-H60A-300S-AB    M235-H60A-300S-AC
   M235-H60A-300Y-BX    M235-H60A-900M
   M235-H60A-900P    M235-H60A-90AN
   M235-H60A-90SM    M235-H60A-90YY-B7
   M235-H60B-300S    M235-H60B-300S-AB
   M235-H60B-300Y-AH    M235-H60B-3Y0S-AJ
   M235-H60M-900P    M235-H60Y-300S-AD
   M235-H6CA-300S    M235-H6CA-3YOS-N8
   M235-H6CB-300S    M235-H6KO-3GOS-AA
   M235-J60A-90BY-G6    M235-J6CA-90BY-G7
   M235-Y60A-300Y-B5    M235-Y60A-9Y0Y-RM