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IIS Servo Motor Repair - IIS Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your IIS Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your IIS servo motor.
  • Before releasing the IIS motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your IIS Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported IIS Servo Motor Manufacturers

  DBM-1000/15R   DBM-10000/20R
  DBM-120/30R   DBM-13500/15R
  DBM-1360/30R   DBM-1400/30R
  DBM-1500/15R   DBM-1500/15R1
  DBM-1800/30R   DBM-200/30R
  DBM-2400/30R   DBM-2600/15R
  DBM-3700/15RB   DBM-3700/30RB
  DBM-3740/20R1   DBM-400/15R
  DBM-400/30R   DBM-500/30R
  DBM-5000/15R   DBM-5500/30R
  DBM-6100/10R   DBM-6500/30R
  DBM-7500/20R   DBM-800/15R
  DBM-800/30R   DBM-8600/22R
  DBM-B1060/30R   DBM-B1600/30R
  DBM-B1900/30E   DBM-B1900/30R
  DBM-B3000/30R   DBM-B380/30R
  DBM-B380/30R1X   DBM-B3950/20R
  DBM-B4400/30R   DBM-B5600/30R
  DBM-B630/30R   DBM-B630/30R1
  DBM-B800/30R   DBM-D100/30R
  DBM-D200/30R   DBM-D30/30R
  DBM-D400/30R   DBM-D50/30R
  DBM-D600/30R   DBM-D800/30R
  ESM125-A (I)   ESM125-B (I)
  ESM125-B (II)   ESM125-C (I)
  ESM125-C (II)   ESM125-D (I)
  ESM125-D (II)   ESM125-E (I)
  ESM125-E (II)   ESM125-F (I)
  ESM125-F (II)   ESM130-1800/34E
  ESM130-3700/34E   ESM130-5700/34E
  ESM130-5700H/34E   ESM142-5100/24E
  ESM142-9100/28E   ESM145-A (I)
  ESM145-A (II)   ESM145-B (I)
  ESM145-B (II)   ESM145-C (I)
  ESM145-C (II)   ESM145-D (I)
  ESM145-D (II)   ESM180-7500/20E
  ESM190-13KW/30E   ESM190-17KW/15E
  ESM190-21.5KW/24E   BLM-1018