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LUST Servo Motor Repair - LUST Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your LUST Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your LUST servo motor.
  • Before releasing the LUST motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your LUST Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported LUST Servo Motor Manufacturers

  ASH-11-2xxx3   ASH-12-2xxx3
  ASH-13-2xxx3   ASH-14-2xxx3
  ASH-15-2xxx3   ASH-21-2xxx3
  ASH-22-2xxx3   ASH-23-2xxx3
  ASH-24-2xxx2   ASH-25-2xxx2
  ASH-31-2xxx1   ASH-32-2xxx1
  ASH-33-2xxx1   ASH-34-2xxx1
  ASH-41-2xxx1   ASH-42-2xxx1
  ASH-43-2xxx1   ASM-11-2xxx3
  ASM-12-2xxx3   ASM-13-2xxx3
  ASM-14-2xxx3   ASM-15-2xxx3
  ASM-21-2xxx3   ASM-22-2xxx3
  ASM-23-2xxx3   ASM-24-2xxx2
  ASM-25-2xxx2   ASM-31-2xxx1
  ASM-32-2xxx1   ASM-33-2xxx1
  ASM-34-2xxx1   ASM-41-2xxx1
  ASM-42-2xxx1   ASM-43-2xxx1
  LSH-050-1-30-48   LSH-050-1-45-320
  LSH-050-2-30-48   LSH-050-2-45-320
  LSH-050-3-30-48   LSH-050-3-45-320
  LSH-074-1-30-320   LSH-074-1-30-560
  LSH-074-2-30-320   LSH-074-2-30-560
  LSH-074-3-30-320   LSH-074-3-30-560
  LSH-074-4-30-320   LSH-074-4-30-560
  LSH-097-1-30-320   LSH-097-1-30-560
  LSH-097-2-30-320   LSH-097-2-30-560
  LSH-097-3-30-320   LSH-097-3-30-560
  LSH-127-1-30-560   LSH-127-2-30-560
  LSH-127-3-30-560   LSH-127-4-30-560
  LSML-06-020-2F   LSML-06-040-2F
  LSML-08-075-2F   LSML-08-100-2F
  LSMM-13-100-2N   LSMM-13-100-4N
  LSMM-13-150-2N   LSMM-13-150-4N
  LSMM-13-200-2N   LSMM-13-200-4N
  LSMM-13-300-4N   LST-050-1-45-320
  LST-050-2-45-320   LST-050-3-45-320
  LST-050-4-45-320   LST-050-5-45-320
  LST-074-1-30-320   LST-074-1-30-560
  LST-074-2-30-320   LST-074-2-30-560
  LST-074-3-30-320   LST-074-3-30-560
  LST-074-4-30-320   LST-074-4-30-560
  LST-074-5-30-320   LST-074-5-30-560
  LST-097-1-30-320   LST-097-1-30-560
  LST-097-2-30-320   LST-097-2-30-560
  LST-097-3-30-320   LST-097-3-30-560
  LST-097-4-30-320   LST-097-4-30-560
  LST-097-5-30-320   LST-097-5-30-560
  LST-127-1-30-560   LST-127-2-30-560
  LST-127-3-30-560   LST-127-4-30-560
  LST-127-5-30-560   LST-158-1-30-560
  LST-158-2-30-560   LST-158-3-30-560
  LST-158-4-30-560   LST-158-5-30-560
  PSH-11-2xxx3   PSH-11-2xxx4
  PSH-11-2xxx6   PSH-12-2xxx3
  PSH-12-2xxx4   PSH-12-2xxx6
  PSH-13-2xxx3   PSH-13-2xxx4
  PSH-13-2xxx6   PSH-14-2xxx3
  PSH-14-2xxx4   PSH-21-2xxx2
  PSH-21-2xxx3   PSH-21-2xxx4
  PSH-22-2xxx2   PSH-22-2xxx3
  PSH-22-2xxx4   PSH-23-2xxx2
  PSH-23-2xxx3   PSH-23-2xxx4
  PSH-24-2xxx2   PSH-24-2xxx3
  PSM-01-2xxx3   PSM-01-2xxx4
  PSM-01-2xxx6   PSM-02-2xxx3
  PSM-02-2xxx4   PSM-02-2xxx6
  PSM-03-2xxx3   PSM-03-2xxx4
  PSM-03-2xxx6   PSM-04-2xxx3
  PSM-04-2xxx4   PSM-04-2xxx6
  PSM-11-2xxx3   PSM-11-2xxx4
  PSM-11-2xxx6   PSM-12-2xxx3
  PSM-12-2xxx4   PSM-12-2xxx6
  PSM-13-2xxx3   PSM-13-2xxx4
  PSM-13-2xxx6   PSM-14-2xxx3
  PSM-14-2xxx4   PSM-21-2xxx2