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NUM Servo Motor Repair - NUM Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your NUM Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your NUM servo motor.
  • Before releasing the NUM motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your NUM Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported NUM Servo Motor Manufacturers

  BML 075 1V   BML 075 3N
  BML 075 3V   BPG 075 1N
  BPG 075 2N   BPG 095 2N
  BPG 095 3N   BPG 115 2N
  BPG 115 3N   BPG 142 2N
  BPG 142 3N   BPG 142 4K
  BPG 142 7N   BPG 190 2K
  BPG 190 3N   BPH 055 2S
  BPH 075 1N   BPH 075 1V
  BPH 075 2N   BPH 075 2V
  BPH 075 4N   BPH 095 2N
  BPH 095 2V   BPH 095 3N
  BPH 095 3V   BPH 095 5N
  BPH 115 2N   BPH 115 2V
  BPH 115 3K   BPH 115 3N
  BPH 115 3V   BPH 115 4K
  BPH 115 4N   BPH 115 4V
  BPH 115 6N   BPH 142 2K
  BPH 142 2N   BPH 142 2R
  BPH 142 3K   BPH 142 3N
  BPH 142 3R   BPH 142 4K
  BPH 142 4N   BPH 142 4R
  BPH 142 7N   BPH 190 2K
  BPH 190 2N   BPH 190 2R
  BPH 190 3K   BPH 190 3N
  BPH 190 4K   BPH 190 4N
  BPH 190 5H   BPH 190 5L
  BPH 190 7K   BPH 190 AK
  BMH1903K5TFIL   BMH1903K5TFIL?
  BMH1905L5TAIL   BMH1905L5TAIL?
  AMR250HA1C30LSO   AMS100GD1P22CR1
  AMS100MD1Q22CR0   AMS132MC1B22CS1
  AMS132MC1P22CR1   AMS132MC1P22CS1
  AMS132ME1A22LS1   AMS132ME1B22CS1
  AMS132ME1B22LR0   AMS160MC1022LS0
  BMG0752N5BA1L   BMG0752N5UA1L
  BMG0952N1BA1C   BMG0952N1DA1C
  BMH0751N1RA1C   BMH0754N1RA1C
  BMH0754N1TA1C   BMH0953N1RF2C
  BMH0953V1RA2C   BMH0953V5RA1L
  BMH0955N1UF1C   BMH1152B1RFIC
  BMH1152N1BA1L3V   BMH1152N1BF1C
  BMH1152N1DF1C   BMH1152N1RA1C
  BMH1152N1RF1C   BMH1152N5BA3LV2
  BMH1152V1DF1L   BMH1153N1RA1C
  BMH1153N1RF1C   BMH1153V1RA1C
  BMH1156N1RF1L   BMH1422N5DF1L
  BMH1422R5UF1L   BMH1423K5DF1L
  BMH1423K5RA1L   BMH1424K5DA1L
  BMH1424K5RA1C   BMH1424N1RA1C
  BMH1902K1RF2C   BMH1904K5DA1C
  BMH1904K5TA1L   BMH190AK5DF2L
  BML0753V5RA3C   BMM0954N4RAC
  BMM0954N5RA3C   BMM0954N5RA3L
  BMSF11531884C   BPG0752N5UA1L
  BPG0952N5BA2C02   BPG0952N5PA2L01
  BPG0952N5QA2L01   BPG0952N5QA2L02
  BPG1152N5BA3LV2   BPG1153K5KA2L01
  BPG1153N5QA2L01   BPG1423N5BA2L02
  BPG1423N5JA2C01   BPG1424K5AA2C02
  BPG1424K5AA2L01   BPG1424K5PA2C02
  BPG1903N5PA2L01   BPH0751N5AF2L01
  BPH0752N5K2C01   BPH0752N5PA2C01
  BPH0752V5PA2L01   BPH0752V5RA2C01
  BPH0752V5RF2C01   BPH0752V5RF2L01
  BPH0754N5PF2C01   BPH0754N5RF2C01
  BPH0952N5BA2L01   BPH0952N5BF2C02
  BPH0952N5KA2L01   BPH0952N5QA2L01
  BPH0952N5QF2C01   BPH0952N5QF2L01
  BPH0953N5DA2C01   BPH0953V6BA2C01
  BPH1152N5BF2C02   BPH1152N5BF2L01
  BPH1152N5BF3CV2   BPH1152N5QF2L01
  BPH1153K5KF2L01   BPH1153V5JF2L01
  BPH1154N5PF2L01   BPH1154N5QA2C01
  BPH1154N5RA2C01   BPH1154V5PA2C01