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OHM DENKI Servo Motor Repair - OHM DENKI Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your OHM DENKI Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your OHM DENKI servo motor.
  • Before releasing the OHM DENKI motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your OHM DENKI Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported OHM DENKI Servo Motor Manufacturers

   GYC101DC1    GYC102DC1
   GYC152DC1    GYC201DC1
   GYC202DC1    GYC401DC1
   GYC751DC1    GYS101DC1
   GYS102DC1    GYS152DC1
   GYS201DC1    GYS202DC1
   GYS302DC1    GYS401DC1
   GYS402DC1    GYS500DC1
   GYS502DC1    GYS751DC1
   OMRON    R7M-A03030
   R7M-A05030    R7M-A10030
   R7M-A20030    R7M-A40030
   R7M-A75030    R7M-AP10030
   R7M-AP20030    R7M-AP40030
   R7M-AP75030    R88M-G05030
   R88M-G10030    R88M-G1K020T
   R88M-G1K030T    R88M-G1K520T
   R88M-G1K530T    R88M-G20030H
   R88M-G20030L    R88M-G20030S
   R88M-G20030T    R88M-G2K010
   R88M-G3K010    R88M-G3K020
   R88M-G3K030    R88M-G40030H
   R88M-G40030L    R88M-G40030S
   R88M-G40030T    R88M-G4K020
   R88M-G4K030    R88M-G4K510
   R88M-G5K020    R88M-G5K030
   R88M-G6K010    R88M-G75030
   R88M-G7K515    R88M-G90010
   R88M-GP10030    R88M-GP20030
   R88M-GP40030    R88M-H05030
   R88M-H10030    R88M-H20030
   R88M-H30030    R88M-K05030H
   R88M-K05030T    R88M-K10030H
   R88M-K10030L    R88M-K10030S
   R88M-K10030T    R88M-K1K020C
   R88M-K1K020F    R88M-K1K020H
   R88M-K1K020T    R88M-K1K030C
   R88M-K1K030F    R88M-K1K030H
   R88M-K1K030T    R88M-K1K520C
   R88M-K1K520F    R88M-K1K520H
   R88M-K1K520T    R88M-K1K530C
   R88M-K1K530F    R88M-K1K530H
   R88M-K1K530T    R88M-K20030H
   R88M-K20030L    R88M-K20030S
   R88M-K20030T    R88M-K2K010C
   R88M-K2K010F    R88M-K2K010H
   R88M-K2K010T    R88M-K2K020C
   R88M-K2K020F    R88M-K2K020H
   R88M-K2K020T    R88M-K2K030C
   R88M-K2K030F    R88M-K2K030H
   R88M-K2K030T    R88M-K3K010C
   R88M-K3K010F    R88M-K3K010H
   R88M-K3K010T    R88M-K3K020C
   R88M-K3K020F    R88M-K3K020H
   R88M-K3K020T    R88M-K3K030C
   R88M-K3K030F    R88M-K3K030H
   R88M-K3K030T    R88M-K40020C
   R88M-K40020F    R88M-K40030H
   R88M-K40030L    R88M-K40030S
   R88M-K4K020F    R88M-K4K020H
   R88M-K4K020T    R88M-K4K030C
   R88M-K4K030F    R88M-K4K030H
   R88M-K4K030T    R88M-K5K020C
   R88M-K5K020F    R88M-K5K020H
   R88M-K5K020T    R88M-K5K030C
   R88M-K5K030F    R88M-K5K030H
   R88M-K5K030T    R88M-K60020C
   R88M-K60020F    R88M-K75030C
   R88M-K75030F    R88M-K75030H
   R88M-K75030T    R88M-K90010C
   R88M-K90010F    R88M-K90010H
   R88M-K90010T    R88M-U03030HA
   R88M-U03030LA    R88M-U05030HA
   R88M-U05030LA    R88M-U10030HA
   R88M-U10030LA    R88M-U20030HA