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Industrial Automation Repair is the leading independent Indramat Servo Motor Repair specialist in North America. IAR Inc. committed to provide our customer best quality products, good service that continually meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. IAR Inc. has fully equipped Indramat Servo Motor Testing lab with state of art test equipment’s. IAR Inc. has knowledge and 150 years combined experience to provide our customers highest quality services. IAR Inc. has complete testing set up for most common and very complex Indramat servo drives with matching servo motors.

  1. Free Estimates - No Surprises ( Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.)
  2. 24 Hours call center to repair your servo motors.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Siemens servo Motors, Resolver, Encoders and Connectors.
  4. State of art Testing Facility.
  5. All work is done in house.

IAR Inc specialized in following Servo Drive Repair:

  1386-AA06   1386-AA15
  1386-M2   1386-M4-W/O BDS
  1388-AV2020A   1388-AV20-A20A
  1388-AV20-A0120A   1388-AV20-A0220A
  1388-AV20-ABA0120A   1388-AV20-AD20A
  1388-AV20-B20A   1388-AV20-BA0220A
  1388-AV40   1388-AV40-A
  1388-AV40-A02   1388-AV40-D
  1388-AV60   1388-AV60-A
  1388-AV60-A02   1388-AV60-A03
  1388-AV60-A06   1388-AV60-ADA03
  1388-AV60-C   1388-AV60-D
  1388-AV60-DA03   1388B-AV1010A
  1388B-AV10-A10A   1388B-AV10-A0210A
  1388B-AV10-A0610A   1388B-AV10/B10A
  1388B-AV2020A   1388B-AV20-A20A
  1388B-AV20-A0120A   1388B-AV20-A0220A
  1388B-AV20-A0320A   1388B-AV20-A0520A
  1388B-AV20-A0620A   1388B-AV20-D20A
  1388B-AV20-D-A20A   1388B-AV20-DA0620A
  1388B-AV20/B20A   1388B-AV40
  1388B-AV40-A   1388B-AV40-A01
  1388B-AV40-A02   1388B-AV40-A03
  1388B-AV40-A05   1388B-AV40-A06
  1388B-AV40-A07   1388B-AV40-AD
  1388B-AV40-ADA0   1388B-AV40-ADC
  1388B-AV40-B   1388B-AV40-D
  1388B-AV40-DA07   1388B-AV40D6251
  1389-PAT10   1391-AA15
  1391-AA22   1391-AA45
  1391-AA45-N-A10   1391-DES15-DI
  1391-DES15DIAQB   1391-DES22DI
  1391-DES22DIAQB   1391-DES45DI
  1391-DES45DIAQB   139124
  1391B-AA15   1391B-AA22
  1391B-AA45   1391B-AA45/B
  1391B-AA45/D   1391B-AA45A06
  1391B-AA45A11/B   1391B-AA45N
  1391B-ESAA15AQB   1391B-ESAA22AQB
  1391B-ESAA45/B   1391B-ESAA45/D
  1391B-ESAA45AQB   1394-019-870
  1394-019-890L   1394-019-920I
  1394-019-950F   1394-AM03/A
  1394-AM03/B   1394-AM04/A
  1394-AM04/B   1394-AM07/A
  1394-AM07/B   1394-AM07/C
  1394-AM50/A   1394-AM75/A
  1394-SJT05-A   1394-SJT05-C
  1394-SJT05-C-RL   1394-SJT05-T
  1394-SJT05-T-RL   1394-SJT10-A
  1394-SJT10-C   1394-SJT10-C-RL
  1394-SJT10-T   1394-SJT10-T-RL
  1394-SJT22-A   1394-SJT22-C
  1394-SJT22-C-RL   1394-SJT22-T
  1394-SJT22-T-RL   1394C-AM03/C
  1394C-AM04/C   1394C-AM07/C
  1394C-AM50-IH/C   1394C-AM50/C
  1394C-AM75-IH/C   1394C-AM75/C
  1394C-SJT05-A   1394C-SJT05-C
  1394C-SJT05-CRL   1394C-SJT05-L
  1394C-SJT05-LRL   1394C-SJT05-T
  1394C-SJT05-TRL   1394C-SJT10-A
  1394C-SJT10-C   1394C-SJT10-CRL
  1394C-SJT10-L   1394C-SJT10-LRL
  1394C-SJT10-T   1394C-SJT10-TRL
  1394C-SJT22-A   1394C-SJT22-C
  1394C-SJT22-CRL   1394C-SJT22-L
  1394C-SJT22-LRL   1394C-SJT22-T
  1394C-SJT22-TRL   1398-DDM005DN7.5A
  1398-DDM005X7.5A   1398-DDM005XDN7.5A
  1398-DDM00915A   1398-DDM009DN15A
  1398-DDM009X15A   1398-DDM009XDN15A
  1398-DDM01010A   1398-DDM010X10A
  1398-DDM01920A   1398-DDM019DN20A
  1398-DDM019X20A   1398-DDM019XDN20A